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Linking Communities

Hola ENOpians!

It’s no secret our hammocks have journeyed all over the world and provided comfort and relaxation to their fellow travelers. But recently we heard our ENO hammocks provided more than just a sweet place to slumber: they helped link two very different communities.

Ian Palmer, an ENO lover from Atlanta, went on a two week trip to Tanzania with Young Life. During this time, they stayed briefly in a remote village that, according to Ian, had no previous interaction with American people or culture. Although they were from very different places, believed very different things, and spoke very different languages, they found common ground in an ENO hammock. This is his story…

“We were greeted with a certain amount of initial shyness, but more so with kindness and openness, especially from the kids. Almost immediately after stringing up my ENO, this elder approached my foreign device with curiosity. He was particularly fascinated by the design of the slapstraps and the material of the hammock itself. It took a few minutes of convincing, and several demonstrations of the hammock’s safety, but eventually he conceded to hop in with me. Once he got settled, he really seemed to be enjoying himself and soaking up the relaxation my ENO provided. The hammock became a big hit during our stay in the village, both with our group of Americans and with the African natives, and ended up being a significant centerpiece for interaction between our two very different groups. Despite our extreme language and cultural barriers, we easily related to each other in our ability to string up, and relax”

Thank you all for the great photo contest entries! And please, keep ’em coming! Grab your ENO and get snapping! HERE are the deets!

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