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Mobile Photography Tips

The way we take pictures has obviously changed drastically over the past 10 years. Mobile photography is huge, and now there are gadgets available to enhance your phone’s capabilities. The growth of mobile photography can be attributed to bounds in technology which now allow high quality photos to be taken with such a small device. Combining this new tech with the device you always have with you makes catching great moments, that much easier. From lenses that snap onto your phone, cases with lenses attached, and stick on lenses, there are a lot of options for you to enhance, already impressive . Each option provides a chance for you to improve your photos and videos and help you stand out from the rest!

Below are options that may fit your photography needs

(Please be aware some cases and lenses fit certain generations of the iPhone. Please check the technical specs before purchasing):

1. Moment Lenses and/or Case

Link Here

I recently backed their latest Kickstarter campaign and will be receiving their new case/lens combo package. I am eager to receive it but have seen some great photos come from the beta versions. Also, they already have a line of lenses that let you attach them to your iPhone via a stick mount on the rear camera. Moment says, “At Moment we want to make your phone work more like a camera so we created a case that turns your iPhone 6 and 6+ into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment.”

2. olloclip

Link Here

I used an olloclip on an international trip where I did not want my camera too visible because the areas we were headed to were remote and sometimes dangerous. The value of an olloclip is that it needs no installation and slides right on to your iPhone. They have accessories including a “Studio” version that enhances the product by adding a case and a patent pending mounting solution. They recently introduced a new product and explain it as the following, “Transform your photography and social media with the all-new olloclip Active Lens for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. It comes packed with a brand new Ultra-Wide and 2x Telephoto lens to instantly capture and share all you experience on your next adventure.”

3. Manfrotto KLYP+

I have never used this before and some of the products it offers are new on the market. Manfrotto is a trusted brand in photography and I am eager to see if this product lives up to their name. It has a good appearance and would be a lens that I would seriously consider because I have purchased Manfrotto products before. On their site, Manfrotto says, “KLYP+ the first all-in-one photographic set for iPhone® 5/5s to shoot extraordinary images.”

Tips for mobile photography:

1. Good light

It is important that you have a good amount of light when taking a photo because the sensor on your camera is not the same as professional cameras. It doesn’t pick up a lot of light so you need to make sure whatever picture you are taking has adequate lighting.

2. Take Multiple Photos

Don’t be afraid to take a few pictures quickly of the same scene. It is nice to have a selection of photos to choose from and this is the beauty of digital photography!

Here are some articles to help you master mobile photography!

Tech Radar

National Geographic

Each of these options will enhance and help you take better mobile photographs and will make your photos stand out from the rest!

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