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Most Romantic Nature Vacation Spots

Planning a romantic getaway can sometimes add stress and pressure to an otherwise enjoyable trip. But, with some guidance, it can be easy to select the perfect destination and agenda for you and your significant other. Consider the following types of vacations and some suggestions of where to go:


Take a Secluded Trip

When you’re planning the ultimate couples retreat, a secluded spot sets a romantic tone for your trip. Consider these secluded destinations:

  • Lake Como: Lombardy’s glacial lake is one of the globe’s most breathtaking and romantic destinations. Its mild, Mediterranean-like climate makes it an easy destination to visit any time of the year, and the villas lining the lake make for an unforgettable stay. Find the perfect place to stay and relax on And, if you feel the need to get back to civilization after spending time on the water, Florence offers one of the most romantic sunset-viewing spots in the world from the Piazzale Michelangelo.
  • Kauai, Hawaii: Kauai offers some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. Be sure not to miss Wailua River State Park. Although you need some kind of water transportation to get to the trailhead, the views are stunning enough that it’s beyond worth it. The waterfalls tend to be preserved, so you won’t have too many other tourists around to ruin the moment. Find out more about the falls at World of Waterfalls.
  • Santorini: Can you imagine a more romantic setting than a private terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea? Santorini has many popular tours to go on, but it also offers plenty of alternatives to get away from tourist attractions. Greeka’s travel blog gives you five secret things to do, including ancient towns, wine tours and secluded beaches.


Make It Romantic

No matter where you decide to vacation with your partner, make sure it’s romantic. While big resorts might seem like the most luxurious choice, they can often be overwhelming and feel corporate. Look for a smaller, more intimate setting to make your trip special.

  • PDA-friendly: Cultural norms regarding PDA vary by country. Greece, France, Italy and Spain, for instance, have the reputation for being romantic and passionate. PDA tends to be more normalized than the United States, and behaving like the locals do can spice up your visit. Look for the touchy-romantic couples, and follow suit.
  • Surprise destinations: If being a person of mystery is your thing, keep the destination of your romantic getaway a secret until you get to the airport. Give your significant other a packing list of practical clothing choices for the trip, but don’t give away any other info that could tip him or her off. But, of course, make sure your partner enjoys surprises, or this tip could go horribly awry.
  • Proposals: Planning to propose while on a romantic getaway ensures that neither of you will ever forget your trip. Of course, no proposal is complete without the perfect ring. Find the latest and greatest diamond engagement rings from a retailer like Ritani. Then, take precautions to keep it safe and hidden from your fiance-to-be when on the plane and in the hotel room.

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