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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year ENOpians!

To celebrate the first post of 2012, we thought we’d give you a few ENO-related suggestions for popular New Year’s Resolutions, according to

1) Drink Less Alcohol

While being a very common New Year’s Resolution, it is also a very important one! According to, drinking less alcohol keeps “your heart and liver healthy and reduce(s) your risk of alcoholism. Drinking less can also give you a chance to branch out and explore healthier activities with friends and loved ones.” To help you out, you could start drinking more of other things, like tasty juices and good-for-you sports drinks. What could make it even better is getting your very own ENO Liberty Water Bottle so you can look good while drinking good!

The ENO Liberty Water Bottle

2) Eat Healthy Food

This is a very sensible New Year’s Resolution! To get some ideas and motivation as to how to get started, check out ENO sponsored Compass Green’s Web site. Compass Green is a mobile education project that knows all there is to know about sustainable agriculture and the right way to eat and live. Not only this, but they drive around the country in an awesome greenhouse truck. They were also featured in our Oct. 26, 2011 post if you want some further reading!

3) Get Fit

4) Lose Weight

To help keep number 3 and 4 up, you could start practicing Anti-Gravity Yoga in your hammock! Mentioned in our Nov. 16, 2011 post, Anti-Gravity Yoga is said to help decompress tight joints, stretch your muscles, create better body awareness and agility, increase yoga skills and abilities and provide a great workout. Plus, if you watch the video, it looks an awful lot of fun too! If you don’t fancy Anti-Gravity Yoga, two of our fellow ENOpians, mentioned in our Sep. 14, 2011 post, tried out some yoga moves in their DoubleNest! Check out the post for inspiration!

5) Manage Stress

6) Save Money

7) Take a Trip

To tick 5, 6 and 7 off your list, why not combine them! Instead of splashing out on a hugely expensive holiday, why don’t you grab your ENO hammock, DayTripper Deluxe and some sandwiches, and go on a weekend woodland adventure. In fact, go on several! Not only will you save some dollars, but according to’s Stress Management page, you’ll decrease your stress levels by being outside with nothing but Mother Nature. Not only this, but you’ll be taking a trip at the same time!

ENOpian Brittany Norris and her boyfriend were lacking on funds for a big Spring Break camping/hiking trip so they went to Stone Mountain, GA, for a picnic. “PB&J cheez-it special washed down with gatorade spiked water from my ENO thermos was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had,” she said.

8 ) Volunteer to help Others

This is a wonderful Resolution that gives you a chance to give back! To help find a volunteer opportunity that you’re excited about, you can use ENO retailer REI’s Get Out and Volunteer search engine! It’s quick and easy, and at the end you’ll be able to cross yet another resolution off your list! Give it a go!

Peace Corps volunteer, Will Lindsey, in the Andes of Peru.

Good luck with all your New Year’s Resolutions! To read’s full list of popular New Year’s Resolutions, click HERE.

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