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Pack Right for Holiday Camping Trips

We’re nearing the holidays, and this doesn’t just mean more food (although we do love a heaping plate of turkey.) The holidays also mean a little more time to take some camping trips! However, if you’re used to just a night or two away in the backcountry it can be easy to forget vital pieces of gear that you may need for a prolonged adventure. To help you out, we’ve collated all you need so you can just worry about whose car to take!

1)      Before you begin packing, make sure you know the terrain that you’re heading to and the weather forecast for the area. Both these variable determine what kind of gear you need.

2)      Make sure you cover all your bases, so when you pack arrange your kit into 5 piles – Clothing, Shelter, Kitchen, Travel and Miscellaneous.

3)      Remember that a week’s worth of food can get rather heavy, so go over your piles a few times and take out things you don’t absolutely need – like that neck pillow.

4)      Make absolutely sure your form of shelter is the very first thing you pack.

5)      Don’t forget vital items you shouldn’t be without: – Think toilet paper, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a lighter, duct tape, a compass, flashlights, extra rope, a knife, a towel, rain gear, medical supplies, FOOD!

6)      When you pack, pack the larger items first – like you’re sleeping bag/underquilt – and then get smaller as you get higher in the bag. Before you leave, put your pack on and walk around your block to see if you can handle the weight – if it’s super light, maybe put some of the non-essentials in – if it’s too heavy, re-evaluate the contents one more time. Remember, when you’re camping you don’t need a clean shirt every day – think about only 4 shirts for a week trip.

7)      Don’t forget your hammock!

Have some fun out there y’all!

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