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Planning A Successful Outdoor Date
If both you and your special somebody enjoy the outdoors, planning a successful day outdoors isn’t as tough as you may think it is. If you keep the plan simple then you are bound to have a great day and enjoy the process. There is something special about being in the outdoors together and taking time to just relax and enjoy nature. Depending on how comfortable either of you are with it, be sure to make this process not about “roughing it” but make it about one another and creating a memory together. Below are three scenarios depending on the gear you may have and your comfort level.

There are a few things each of you need to do to prepare for a great day no matter what scenario you choose:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid cotton
  2. Choose a pair of comfortable shoes to wear the day of
  3. Bring bug spray depending on the time of year and location


Scenario One: The Simple Stroll and Chill

This scenario isn’t complicated and it is very straightforward in the approach. Have a predefined route for the hike or walk depending on your location for the date. Pack in your bookbag your Eno DoubleNest Hammock and Atlas Straps, two water bottles and a frisbee. Mid way through the walk take a moment to set up “camp” and take a break by chilling in your hammock and getting a drink. This is a great opportunity to open up conversation or just enjoy sitting together and looking up in the trees. If you are up for it, throw the frisbee around and enjoy laughing and throwing it together. After, 45 minutes or so, pack everything back up and finish your walk. Be sure to not be on your phone and avoid taking too many pictures as this is a moment to just be focused on one another in the moment! If you want to take a few pics, think about taking a before and after photo at the trailhead to remember this date!


Scenario Two: Spend an Afternoon in Your Local Park

If you don’t have a great place to hike or walk through, think about spending some time together at the local park. Although you will be around other people, it is a fun atmosphere and allows you time to walk around and enjoy the surroundings. Some local parks have amenities and attractions you may be able to take advantage of during your time there as well. Be sure to pack a blanket to sit on so that you avoid the bugs and dirt! Feel free to pack some light snacks or even a lunch in a picnic basket to extend your time together. To find your local park, there is a site called “Map of Play” that helps you locate one by entering your zip code.


Scenario Three: The True Adventurer

While this option takes the most amount of preparation, it may pay off in dividends if preparation equals caring for the two of you! For this scenario you will need a Jetboil Flash cooking system that can be purchased online. Plan your route in the woods or guided trail and locate a good stopping point to make lunch together! You will need to pack extra water since that is what you will be cooking with and a little extra for clean up. Once you arrive at the stopping point, begin preparing lunch, a Mountain House MRE. You will use your Jetboil to boil water for your MRE. After lunch is made, bring out the baked cookies you made previously for both of you to enjoy for an afternoon snack. If in a warm climate you will want to avoid chocolate chips in the cookies due to the fact they will melt very easily in your bag! Once done with the meal, be sure to clean up and to not leave any trash behind. A few items to remember to bring with you during this scenario are:

  • 2 Sporks
  • 1 Rag to clean the Jetboil
  • Napkins
  • 2 plates
  • Garbage bag
  • Knife

This option is sure to impress and make your special one feel wined and dined in nature!

Whatever option you choose, make it special each step of the way. There are a lot of options out there, so do what you feel comfortable with and plan ahead as to not forget anything the day of!

Happy Adventuring!


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