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Here at ENO, there is only one thing more important to us than hammocking: responsible hammocking.  We’ve taught you how to hammock responsibly out in nature, and now it’s time to address a place where hammocks come together for a weekend-long party: music festivals.

Some points to remember when hammocking at a festival are:


Don’t leave your hammock up and alone.

If you’re using your hammock, great!  But once you’re done relaxing in it, make sure to take it down quickly.  With the attached stuff sack, putting your hammock away is quick and easy, plus you can easily take it wherever you go.  You wouldn’t want a stray festival-goer to be walking through the trees and crash into your hammock!

Additionally, hammock thieves do exist, and leaving an unattended hammock hanging may result in having no hammock.  And no hammocks make us very sad.


Take care of the area around you

You may need a lot of stuff (i.e. food, clothes, wallet, WATER, and much more) but that doesn’t mean you have to leave a lot of stuff.  Take care to pick up any trash you may accumulate or see and encourage others to do the same.


Take care of yourself, too

Hydration, sleep, and sunscreen are all very important things.  Utilize them as often as possible because if you’re at a festival, chances are it’s going to be hot, sunny, and downright exhausting.


Secure your stuff

Hammocks are awesome for lots of reasons.  One is that you can easily hang your backpack, water bottle, and anything with a loop onto your straps!  Keep your stuff safe and suspended, just like you.


Music festivals are a great space to hang, enjoy talking with people you’ve known forever and people you’ve just met, and to have a great time soaking in the music and the experience.  These tips will help you make the most out of your festival weekend and keep the site clean and ready for next year!

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