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Everyone wants to travel. You get to see beautiful scenic locations, meet exciting new people and enjoy adventures around every corner. But, as much as we’d all like to jump on the next plane to a land unknown, tickets can be expensive. Instead, why not head out to your own back yard? Traveling the RV way is back in style!

Recreational Vehicle too many, RV can also stand for ‘relaxing vacation.’ No airport lines, no security gates, no cramped seating, no weather delays. Traveling by RV has become a growing choice for Americans, appealing to weekend warriors, full-time travelers and everyone in between. If you’ve got an appetite for adventure and don’t want to break the bank, try seeing the country by RV!



Doing RV the Right Way

Before you pack up and go, ask yourself these questions to make sure you know what you’re in for:

  • Are you OK with sharing one toilet?
  • Are you ready to spend multiple hours driving a vehicle?
  • Are you OK with nights around a campfire?
  • Do you enjoy sharing every waking moment with the folks you’re traveling with?
  • Are you immune to car sickness?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above – you’re good to go!

On to making sure your RV is road worthy.


RV Vehicle Prep

Like any vehicle, it’s always a good idea to do a thorough safety check and perform all necessary maintenance before the road travel starts – think everything from safety belt to tire checks, axle and wheel alignment, oil levels, air filters, A/C unit effectiveness and more. If you need tire replacements, make sure your get tires especially made for RVs.


Road Travel Safety

Your RV road travel should be a fantastic, incident-free experience. However, stopping at a different campsite every night can improve the chances of lost or misplaced items – like your wallet. If your wallet does go for a wander, make sure you know what to do to prevent an identity theft! Prior to leaving on an extended RV trip, double check your cash accounts and know how much you’ll need on a daily basis. Secure your credit cards with an online identity protection firm, like Lifelock, and let your bank know that you’ll be making payments in various states.


Other top tips

  • Don’t forget the TP
  • Practice hooking up your RV’s water, gas and electric systems so you’ll be a pro at every campsite
  • Check and double check your RV’s first aid kit
  • Double check you’ve brought your phone charger, phone and a list of contacts for emergencies
  • Don’t forget your hammock
  • Have fun!

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