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We have already helped you cut down your gear by swopping your tent, stakes and ground sheet for a simple hammock and straps, but have you thought about how to cut down on your waste too? Now we’re solidly in some good weather, the temptation to go get lost in the wilderness is forever knocking on our office desks, so let’s give in, get outside, and learn 3 fun facts about re-using, recycling and green loving!

  1. Bring re-usable containers – before you leave, pack all your food into re-usable pots so you can use them to eat out of, mix stuff up in, and take items home with you! You can even designate a trash tub to keep all your food remnants or small pieces of trash.
  2. Dig some holes! – Peeing is mostly ok, but make sure you bury those number twos! Poop needs help from the soil to break down, so carve out a shallow cave in the soil and then fill it back up when you are done! Voila!
  3. Avoid glass – Glass is not well suited for hiking/camping/hammocking expeditions for many reasons including its weight and its breaking ability, but mainly because it takes literally eons to break down. To avoid leaving unwanted objects behind, just don’t take them! Lots of companies provide plastic, recyclable alternatives to glass products you may want to take.

Still not sure about whether it’s worth it to take those cold beer’s back home with you? Here’s a few scary facts about how long it takes each item to disintegrate.

  • Banana Peel – a month
  • Paper – a couple months
  • Cigarette Butt – 5 years
  • Disposable Diaper – 2 decades
  • Hard Plastic Container – 3 decades
  • Rubber Boot Sole – 7 decades
  • Tin Can – a century
  • Aluminum Can – 3 centuries
  • Plastic 6-pack Holder – 5 centuries
  • Glass Bottles – eons

Chelsea Loving’s giving her camp site a big kiss while sitting in her ENO 

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