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Stay Positive, Live Longer

For some of us those blistering hot days are get fewer and far between, colder mornings and chilly evenings are becoming a commonality, and general summertime fun seems at its furthest away. Although there are plenty of adventures to be had in Fall, the change in weather can sometimes affect your bright and cheery mind set. That commute to work may not be so jolly under a blanket of grey clouds, and the weekend bike rides in light drizzle could put a dampener on your positivity.

Although the odd rainy day blues may not seem like a big deal, according to a new paper by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), “positive psychological well-being may reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other adverse cardiovascular events.” In other words, thinking the worst may put you in more than just a mood: it could put you in hospital.

Even though we can’t change the weather forecast, we can help keep you more positive – by staying relaxed! According to the HSPH authors, one way to stay positive is to “treat [yourself] by focusing on the little things in life that are meaningful to [you] and make [you] happy.” What is a better place to do this than in your hammock?

So, next time you feel you need an excuse to get outside and have some ‘you-time’ in your SingleNest, just remember it’s good for your heart – in fact staying optimistic can reduce the risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event by 50%!

Lay back, stay smiling, and enjoy these pictures of other ENOpians radiating positivity!

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