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Stay Safe on the Road

Traveling can bring about unplanned situations at every turn and if we aren’t prepared for them, one could be left in a vulnerable situation or at the very least, highly delayed from the original plan. I have included four items below that I think each car should have in them to be ready for any scenario that may arise. If you have a few extra items to add, always feel free but these are great starting options to keep you safe.


Jumper Cables

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These are very basic, but many cars on the road do not have a set of these in their vehicle. They are one of the most essential items due to the fact the probability is high that at some point your battery will die in your car or the car of one of your friends. It is a very simple process and anyone can use these to fix the problem at hand with minimal training. These won’t cost more than $30 and can be purchased at your local auto store.


First Aid Kit

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Don’t feel obligated to buy an elaborate kit that suits every single scenario that one could ever imagine. A basic first aid kit is important so that in the case of an accident, a wound can be cleaned up and properly taken care of. You will want to do an inventory every 6 months or at the minimum every year to be sure it contains all the essentials and nothing is missing.



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These can prove to be very beneficial if something were to happen to your vehicle or someone inside the vehicle at night causing you to park on the shoulder of the road. I have used these in multiple occassions, and even in the case it is someone else’s car that is broke down and I am trying to help them fix it. Flares are useful because they can be seen from such a far distance away and signals to the other drivers to slow down and be careful. Always be sure to place the flare at least 15 feet behind the car or truck and be sure there is no fuel around when you ignite and place the flare on the ground. Pick up a pack of 3 or five and keep them in the trunk of the vehicle.


Emergency Shelter Kit

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While this could be a far off scenario, it is better to be safe than sorry. These are not too expensive but could be a lifesaver in the case you become stranded. They are also great to take with you on long backpacking trips or overseas trips just in case of an emergency. It also includes a heat blanket which could be used in the scenario where your car dies in a cold climate and you can’t use the heat for some period of time. While this is not an “essential” item, it isn’t a bad option to have and to keep in the vehicle depending on where you live and how you use your vehicle.


Other Options to Include


Roadside Assistant Kit

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Many above the above options can be purchased inside a kit that many auto stores carry. These can be very limited in selection but you can always add to the kit other essentials you may utilize. This is the “all in one” option.


Portable Jumper

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Jumping your dead battery may be easier than you could ever imagine. Cyntur has created a portable jumper pack that also has a flashlight on it and equipped to charge your mobile device through a USB port! Cyntur says, “NEVER GET STRANDED with a dead car battery again! With the JumperPack mini in your glove compartment a dead car battery becomes an easy jump instead of a major hassle.” It is $99 but could be the perfect travel companion if you spend long hours on the road or just need the peace of mind.

There are a lot of options out there and each person will have different needs depending on where you live and how you use your vehicle. Always be prepared so that when an unexpected situation arises, you are ready!


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