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Summer Tips for a Happy Hound

The summer is a time for playing outside, eating outside and exploring outside. It’s hot, it’s sunny, and boy, can you get a good tan! But just because it feels awesome for you, it may not feel quite as pleasant for your furry, four-legged friend. In fact, the 90 degree heat that has you purring with delight sprawled out at your local, woodland water hole, might leave your hound dehydrated, burnt and bitten.

Don’t fret though, there are many simple ways to minimize pet danger and maximize your fun without having to go easy on your summer plans. Here are a few of our suggestions…

  • Vaccinate early – Before you are even think about which hike to throw yourself into on Memorial Day weekend, it’s worth making sure your pet is protected medically. Take them to the vet for a quick once over and make sure they’re checked for heart worms. Also, make sure you’re up to date on their preventative medication – think ticks, fleas, biting insects and heartworm. Ticks can be a pain -literally! – but a simple tick collar is super effective and remains in action for up to 90 days!
  • Beat the heat – Dogs only way to maintain body heat is through their sweat glands on their paw pads and through heavy panting, so over-heating is a very real danger. To counteract this, make sure you have lots of water on hand for them, go somewhere with adequate shade, and watch out for a lot of hot asphalt or dark surfaces. Although your Chaco’s are protecting your soles from the beating sun, it’s easy to forget that the only thing between your dog and the burning floor is their sensitive paw pads.

To help your pet cool down, you could also try fitting them out in dog active wear. Ruffwear make a great cooling jacket, the Swamp Cooler, and heat protection booties, the Bark’n Boots Skyliners, for a super price.

  • Swimming lessons – Can your pup swim? Do they like to do it? After a couple of PBR’s while grilling out around your friend’s pool, it’s easy to lose track of what Fido has gotten into. But remember, not all dogs like to, or can, swim. Also, chlorine to a dog can be dangerous and cause stomach upsets. Make sure that if your dog isn’t the next Michael Phelps, they are at a safe distance from the edge.
  • Safe snacks – Although you have the picnic and cooler filled for you, not all foods and drinks are safe for pets. Steer clear of leaving out alcohol or any foods that may have spoiled in the heat. For a list of foods that aren’t great for your pup, click HERE.
  • Naughty fireworks – The firework fear factor differs from dog to dog, but it may be a good idea to leave your pet at home if you are planning a lot of explosions. Curious pets can potentially get badly burned or suffer trauma from over-exposure. You also don’t want them getting into unused fireworks, as they are packed full of toxic chemicals like arsenic and potassium nitrate!

Gearing up for summer fun is all the better with your four-legged friend! So be prepared and get ready to have all the adventures you desire with them right by your side.


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