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Sun Storm Alert

Watch out for the storm! The SUN storm, that is. According to the BBC, scientists say our planet is currently being attacked by high-energy particles unleashed by the strongest solar storm since 2005! Should we be worried? No, not really. The primary concern about the uninvited particles is for satellites, but they can also cause problems for aircraft communication! To counteract this, airplanes have taken precautions and have re-routed flights according to the National Post.

Although today (Wednesday, 25. Jan) is probably the last day we could feel the effects, it is still a great reason to take a step back and think about the impacts of nature. And hey, what better way to do this than in your ENO!

So take the morning off and get some fresh air, go for an afternoon stroll, or save up for a wooded camping trip this weekend and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. After all, if we disrupt it too much the sun could hurl another storm at us!

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