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Whether you’ve been fishing your entire life or you’ve just learned, there are numerous ways to vastly improve your level of experience and fine-tune your expertise.  Honing in and analyzing your fishing methods, techniques and tactics is one way to improve your game.  There are a number of useful products proven to elevate your fishing experience.  Here are some of the best new fishing-related equipment and gear to set you up for success.   L.L. Bean Kennebec Boundary Pack This hybrid chest pack and fishing vest is remarkably designed to fit and protect your fly boxes, reel and all of the other fishing essentials you need.  It is designed to be taken on and off with ease.  The chest and shoulder panels help equally distribute weight and it’s made from breathable, water-resistant material.  It features a Boa-closure system, which can adjust the fit of the vest.  This product is all about convenience, efficiency and comfort — the utilitarian design allows you to be equipped for nearly any situation.   Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses This style of sunglasses stays secure on your face with a three-point fit.  This keeps the optics in alignment to fit well on medium to large faces.  The...
  The so-called “ten essentials” are a constantly debated and altered list within the backpacking community. Understanding what comprises the ten essentials and, most importantly, bringing them on every trip is a simple and easy way to ensure that you have a great time in the backcountry. 1. Navigation Bring maps, a compass and, if needed, a GPS. Most importantly, know how to use these tools. Look around for a local backpacking or cartography club and take a topography class. Just understanding a topographical map and being able to read it is essential to staying safe in the backcountry. If you’re traveling into an area with poorly marked trails, bring a GPS. Getting lost in the woods is the worst, and it’s always nice to know where you are and how to get back if needed. Before you leave make sure to mark water sources and possible campsites on the map so that you can better plan your day. 2. Sun Protection Ensuring that you stay healthy while backpacking is also very essential to having a good time and being able to continue comfortably. Sunscreen is great, but what’s better are clothes that are UV treated. Wear clothes that can protect...

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