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Not many people will deny that fresh air, clear skies and a warm breeze are enough motivation to be active – whether that means hiking, climbing, mountain biking or just hanging out in your front lawn.  There is some kind of energy in a beautiful day that can make even a moderately severe couch potato get up and do something.  Sunshine just makes everything better. Boom.  Torrential downpour. And the weatherman says this will go on until two days from now.  Trails are turned into creeks, rock faces become slides and your front lawn has giant puddles all over it.  Nobody wants to go outside, so you end up trying to think of inside activities to entertain yourselves and to keep yourself active.  Any suggestions? 1. Clean   Take this time when you’re forced inside to deep clean your house.  You know the tops of the fans that haven’t been touched since the tenants before you?  Turn on your music, tie your hair up and get to work!  Mop the kitchen floor and vacuum the carpets.  Rearrange your cabinets and wash all of the sheets.  You’ll have worked up a sweat in under 30 minutes. 2. Kitchen Table Tennis   Clear the...

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