Wherever you go this summer, it’s always a good idea to pack along a book. Amongst the roadtrips, vacations, backpacking trips, and sight-seeing, there will always be some downtime that is best utilized by reading a good book. When the weather is warm and sunny, my mind always goes to adventures and exploration. Luckily, adventuring and exploring can be done both physically and mentally. Here are some great adventurous summer reads: Into the Wild.  Impulsive wanderlust, self-discovery, and brazen exploration collide in this captivating and heartbreaking true story. Immediately after graduating from college in 1991, a young man named Christopher McCandless gave away all of his money, abandoned his car and belongings and vanished on a quest through Western and Southwestern America. He ultimately ending up in the wilderness of Alaska, and his body was later found inside an abandoned bus. Jon Krakauer examines McCandless’ short life and his overwhelming pull for the American wilderness. Firestarter.  Stephen King is famous for his nail-biting, thrilling novels. Firestarter is no different. A government agency called The Shop secretly performs experiments on subjects with a hallucinogenic drug that causes telepathic abilities. A couple who participate in these experiments get married and have a...

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