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One of the most forgotten about outdoor adventure element—which is also one of the most important—is the means by which you are going to travel to the location. Whether your camping, hiking, or just hammocking in a place with a view, it is important to have capable transportation you can rely on to get you where you want to go. Here is our list for the five best options, all perfect for your outdoor lifestyle: Jeep Renegade The Jeep Renegade is for those who want the convenience, cargo space, and power of an SUV but don’t want a gigantic car. The Renegade has a removable cargo floor panel that gives you ample room to store all your gear and since it’s a Jeep, you can take this car just about anywhere! Ford Edge It’s not too big, not too small… it’s just right! The Ford Edge is the perfect mid-sized SUV. The car has a large cargo area, low load floor, and boasts a strong turbocharged engine. At an affordable price, this car will make road trips with your pooch a breeze. Toyota FJ Cruiser Toyota’s FJ Cruiser was discontinued in 2014 however you can still find them all over...

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