Fishing is an excellent way to bond with your kids while soaking in some quality outdoor time. But younger kids can’t always handle all of the complexities of fishing. The good news? You can ensure that you — and your children — get the most out of every fishing outing if you keep their ages in mind and make a plan.   Toddlers & Preschoolers: Along for the Fun Taking a child under 5 fishing is an exercise in patience — it’s less about actual fishing and more about manipulating and interacting with the outdoors. Most importantly, make sure you’re prepared for your little fishing companion to want to splash, throw rocks, paint with mud and catch frogs instead of fishing. There aren’t many preschoolers who would be content to sit around waiting for a bite, and you’ll probably really regret it if you try. In fact, you’ll probably do most (if not all) of the fishing duties, and you’ll also likely stick close to home instead of planning a full-fledged vacation that centers around fishing. Look for small ponds or rivers with easy access for the best results. However, even the littlest guys can have some fishing success, especially...
The upbeat movie Yes Man, highlights Jim Carrey’s hectic life under a spell.  It forces him to say “yes” to every opportunity presented.  The movie is both hilarious and thought provoking.  Although extreme, the idea behind it has me thinking about my own life.
Everybody loves a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially during those fall and spring months when Mother Nature is practically screaming at you to come and hang out with her. Unfortunately, because so many of us have to work five days out of the week, that doesn’t leave room for us to go on a 3 day camping trip every weekend (as much as we might like to). My favorite alternative? There’s nothing better than a quick day-hike. Hitting the trails for a 5 or 6 hour window leaves you feeling refreshed going back into the workweek, and can get some of that much needed Vitamin D that you just can’t find from within the confines of a cubicle. As casual as some people treat a quick hike like this, there’s definitely something to be said for having the right gear- it leaves you feeling healthier at the end of your trek, and can make the experience that much more enjoyable. But it’s easy to overpack- a quick hike like this calls for simplicity and a light load, so I’ve put together a list of  6 easy essentials for any day hike. 1. The Right...

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