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When most people think about flying, they imagine a miserable time cramped in a seat with no leg room.  I have taken flights that have consisted of 15 straight hours on an airplane.  At first it sounds pretty miserable, but if you bring the right tools to get you through it, even long flights can be enjoyable. While this blog can’t make more room in your seat, I hope it helps you enjoy your flight a little more. When I sit down, I see that space as my home for however long the flight is.  Preferred seat choice varies from person to person, but I enjoy the aisle or the window over a middle seat.  The benefit of the aisle is that you can get up at any time to stretch your legs or go to the bathroom.  The downside is you have to get up every time someone else wants to do the same.  The window seat is great because no one ever has to cross over you, but you are at the mercy of others if you need to stretch or go to the bathroom. Before boarding, I try and get my stuff together that I will have out...

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