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  Flying can be both exciting and a pain. Here are some tricks to make it the best it can be! Take Only a Carry-On.  The best way to avoid baggage fees, lost luggage, and having to go to baggage claim is to travel with only a carry-on. Sure, this will require you to do some strategic packing to get everything crammed in there, but it’s absolutely worth it. So use vaccuum-sealed bags, roll your clothes, stuff your socks in your shoes – do whatever you can to get down to one backpack or small suitcase. Get the Most Leg Room.  Give your travel-weary legs a break! Make coach as luxurious as it can get by booking the right airline and seats. The average seat width (called seat “pitch“) for a domestic flight is 31”. However, some airlines have larger seat pitches. Frontier Airlines has a 33″ seat pitch, US Airways has a 34″ seat pitch in their A330, Southwest Airlines has a 32-33″ seat pitch, and Jet Blue has 34″ seat pitches in the last 16 rows of their A320s, for example. Also, shoot for seats on the first row of coach or next to the emergency exits. These will allow...

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