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Most everyone will agree that a 24-pack makes every bonfire and camping trip 300% better. After you finish the delicious campfire dinner, it’s fantastic to kick back in your hammock and sip on a cold one. And as always, don’t forget to recycle your empty cans!! Today, we appreciate aluminum recycling and the benefits that it has for us, our economy and our environment. Happy Crush a Can Day everyone!! Here are some super awesome facts about aluminum recycling! Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth – only oxygen and silicon are more abundant. Aluminum is strong, corrosion-resistant, nonmagnetic and nontoxic. Four 6-packs of aluminum canned drinks can support the weight of a 4-ton aluminum car! Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable. Over the past 10 years, the number of aluminum cans recycled has doubled. There is no limit on how many times aluminum cans can be recycled. If we recycled all of our aluminum all the time, we’d never have to make more. An average of 113,204 aluminum cans are recycled every minute. Aluminum is four times more valuable than other recycled consumer materials. 97% of all beverage cans are made of aluminum. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough...

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