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Every Wednesday on our Facebook page we have WildSouth Wednesdays – a day we highlight the wonderful WildSouth organization by showcasing some of the wild animals they work to protect. We publish a picture of the animal, offer clues or some fun facts, then hand it over to our fabulous FB fans to guess what it is! This week’s WildSouth Wednesday critter was the Coyote, and even we learned something from them! So much so, we want to share it with you guys. After all, who hasn’t heard the faint howl of the coyote in the middle of a camping trip?! While once being rare in the Eastern parts of the US, coyotes can now be found from the hot and sticky wetlands of Florida, all the way to the freezing tundra of Alaska.  Although this is partially to do with their superior adaptability, the coyote is also filling an important ecological niche due to the disappearance of the gray and red wolves. Although this means balancing out the population of meso-carnivores (critters like raccoons, opossums and feral cats), it is not uncommon for coyotes to stray too close to urban areas, causing havoc with neighborhood pets and scaring city...

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