As of three days ago, by no lack in planning and by no easy feat, I successfully led my first backpacking trip.  I’m new to the backpacking world and have learned so much about myself these past few months as I’ve planned this trip: primarily that I have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time.  As I planned to lead my first trip, so many challenges (more than I would have imagined) continued to pop up.  Backpacking consists of living in the woods and walking an obscene amount of miles… How hard can it be, right?   1. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost The Appalachian Trail goes in two different directions: North and South. It does not fork and aside from a few places where the trail is difficult to find—and therefore, follow—it is not a difficult trail to navigate. Yet, as my three friends and I stepped on to the famous AT for the first time (map and compass in hand, might I add) we managed to start our glorified walk in the wrong direction.  And this happens all the time. Whether you are five minutes into the trail or five months into it...
Ever pooped in the woods? We hope you dug a hole for it! For the month leading up to Trail Days 2015, we’ve paired up with to spread some good trail karma with the hope we’ll catch people in the act of doing good for the sake of trails everywhere! Using the hashtag #trailkarma, we want to start a movement of sharing pictures of YOUR trail karma, such as packing out trash, leaving a clean shelter, leaving a clean firepit etc. In doing so, we’ll be able to show how these small actions accumulate into a huge positive impact. And we challenge YOU to challenge a friend in doing the same! PLUS, we’ll pick two folks who’ve spread some awesome #trailkarma and reward them with a brand spanking new ENO Hammock and Suspension System just before Trail Days 2015 – a community event celebrating the importance of the trails! Want to participate? Share YOUR trail karma pic on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #trailkarma, then tag a friend to encourage them to do the same! Together, we can keep the trails beautiful for ever! Check out too for some great tips on how to get some good trail karma, and...
ake a virtual trip to one of our favorite hammocking spots in our backcountry! Max Patch is a nearly bald mountain located on the North Carolina/Tennessee border right off the Appalachian Trail.

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