The Atlas Suspension System has become a favorite among ENO staff and fans alike when it comes to relaxing in their hammock. It’s versatility, length, and tree friendly qualities make it a top choice when deciding how you’re going to hang. We love seeing the creativity of how and where ENOpians hammock. We’ve also noticed some varying tree-strapping techniques and wanted to send out a “memo,” if you will, to ensure that all of us are hanging as safe as possible. We just care about you guys! Please read below and share this information with your friends. In order for gear to last, it should be used correctly. All of us from ENO thank you!
  Atlas was powerful enough to shoulder the weight of the world. Inspired by the legendary Titan, we created the Atlas Hammock Suspension System. Our Atlas Straps are feeling a little blue lately, but in a good way! Ever since we’ve debuted the Atlas Strap’s long and tough daisy-chain design they’ve boasted bright orange threads. Now that Spring has officially arrived, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Any day now we’ll be switching over to the new strap color. The new blue thread will help us know how old each Atlas Strap and we’ll change the color every year. What color do you want for our most popular tree strap next year!? So if you’re an Enopian-in-waiting….then you’re right on time because you’ll be the new kid on the block with the fresh blue Atlas Straps! The Atlas Strap is our favorite tree strap (shhh…don’t tell the others!) because of the length and versatility it offers. Agile but enduring, the Atlas Strap weighs a scant eleven ounces, yet boasts a whopping thirty combined adjustment points. Constructed from Poly-Filament webbing with overlapping attachment whorls, the Atlas Strap is the ultimate in hammock suspension. When the weight of your...

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