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“We are all together in the process of writing a new chapter in the long history of the art of equilibrium.” Balance is a lesson we all must learn in life. Some of us have a better grasp on it than others. Slacklining is a physical manifestation of trying to attain this virtue. Who knew that harmony could come from tension? Literally. Although the exact origins of slacklining are unknown, it is thought to have grown from tight rope or high wire walking (which has been around for pretty much forever.) However, the fuzzy beginning does take place in Olympia, Washington at the Evergreen College. It starts out with a pair avid of rock climbers who attended the school. First, they began stringing up chains and cables between trees, soon attracting crowds on campus to watch and cheer them on. As they practiced edging across the lines testing their balance, they soon improved upon their method by switching to 1” flat webbing. Slacklining as we know it was born. With its roots in college, the West Coast, and the rock climbing community slacklining has spread across the the U.S. and its borders. Still being a popular pastime on school campuses...

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