***NOTE FROM ENO:  This is part 4 of a 5-part series about how to stay active in the outdoors through flatland training – essentially, training for the mountains without actually being in the mountains.***   Well folks, we’re on the downhill stretch of this 5-part series. Speaking of downhill, that reminds me of how great a workout riding a bike gives you. That’s why part 4 is to ride a bike. I’m not talking about a motorcycle, I’m referring to a human-powered bicycle. There’s a variety of different bikes you can use to train. The two I’ll focus on the most is the road bike and mountain bike. Personally, I prefer a mountain bike, but you’re not alone if you want to get into training on a road bike. There’s a huge road bike community in the area where I live, and on weekend mornings it’s easy to find the pack of 50+ people riding around town. Road bike’s are great if you’re looking to ride the distance. These things have multiple gears and thinner tires which are meant to give you the speed to cover long distances. You can easily get locked into a steady rhythm and work on...

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