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Bikepacking is a blend of bicycle touring and backpacking, keeping all one’s needs on the bicycle and riding on trails to experience the quietude and solace of nature for days at a time.
“Bikepacking,”—it’s like backpacking, only on a bicycle. Sometimes you just have to hop on your bike and go wherever the road takes you. Be one with your bike, be one with nature. But before you hit the road, make sure you have all the right supplies and gear to take along.   Hydration The most important part of any physical activity is staying properly hydrated. Start your morning off right with an exercise hydration mix like the Matcha Green Tea by Skratch Labs—it gives you optimal hydration with a special kick for the morning. Continue drinking water throughout the day. When water gets monotonous, turn to a sports drink alternative like nuun, which is packed with electrolytes and will alleviate cramps, help muscles function and burn energy efficiently. To carry all these liquids, look into water storage options like this Platypus 3.0L Reservoir that fits perfectly within your bike’s frame in a Tangle Frame Bag by Revelate Designs.   Snacks Protein is key to staying energized on long bikepacking trips. Nuts are packed with protein and are easy to eat while riding a bike. Also try some date rolls, which are dried dates rolled in coconut. If bars are more...

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