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The modern reality is that kids are going farther away for continuing their lives after high school than their parents’ generation did. Whether it is the 45-minute drive to the state university or taking the dream job on the opposite coast, any distance can be enough to change many dynamics. However, just because the frequency or duration of time spent with loved ones isn’t the same doesn’t mean the bond has to deteriorate. Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, my dad and I were always close. I started Scouting in the first grade and he was involved every step of the way, even after I left home for college. There is something about camping every month and going to work with each other that creates a unique bond between father and son. The bond that my father and I have is special, but not unique. Nearly everyone can stop right now and think about a family member or best-friend that they wish they had more time to spend with. So here is my advice to making sure that bond stays strong, create tradition. Creating Tradition Moving four hours away put an end to camping every month, but it didn’t take...

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