“How, how can you afford to travel so often?” This is, hands down, the number one most asked question I have heard this summer. By my family, friends, strangers on a plane. Before anyone asks about the details of the trip I am on, they ask this question—laced with genuine curiosity and a hint of frustration. What is often misunderstood is the kind of life I live building up to these annual excursions. I am not rich, I have not happened across a generous inheritance, and I have yet to win the lottery (next year). More accurately, I am a full time college student, only work a part time (if that) job, and usually live month-to-month. Even though I’m only 21 my parents have never funded my traveling( though they would bail me out if I ever had any issues) so when the travel bug bit me at a young age, I had to learn the tricks of the trade. So, before I delve into the meaty details know this: if I can travel on a poor college kid budget, so can you. “Live like a college student now, and you won’t have to live like a college students later”...

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