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  There are thousands of ways to be outside on a daily basis; sometimes you just need a few new ideas to do it.  These are my top five ways to enjoy the great outdoors.  Mother Nature is calling, are you going to answer?   1. Hammock! One of my favorite ways to enjoy being outside is to set up my ENO hammock in a tree and hang out – pun intended. The best part of hammocking is the versatility. Hammocking is a must after a long hike or, when you want to be rocked to sleep beneath the trees for a refreshing nap. I bring my hammock on every trip that I take. It is always strapped to my backpack waiting for the next adventure. Hammocking is effortless, and the most convenient bed on the planet!   2. Run! Run! Run! Oh the joys of endorphins! Running is one of the healthiest forms of therapy. As a runner, I cannot wait to be outside and breathe the fresh air. The only requirement is a good pair of running shoes.  From there, you are ready to go on an adventure of your choice.  Running is one of the simplest ways...

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