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If you’re looking to get closer to nature while still being protected from the pests and elements it can bring, a hammock is a fabulous choice. It wraps you in relaxing comfort while keeping you suspended and out of the dirt, making it perfect for any occasion from lounging in the backyard, to camping in the wilderness. Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating which hammock is best for you: How big do you want your hammock to be? Are you sharing it with your better half? Are you planning on stuffing it full of people? Are you just going to be hanging solo? Even if you intend on making it your sole domain, you may want some extra room to stretch out. Hammock sizes can vary from around 4′ wide all the way up to 8.5′ wide. On average, between 6-7′ is a comfortable size for both a single user or two sharing. The DoubleDeluxe is 8’4″ wide, 9’4″ long and is perfect if you plan on turning it into a hammock version of a party bus. Just make sure that the party-goers are okay with getting friendly with each other! The DoubleNest is 6’2″ wide, 9’4″...

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