There is a lot to think about when heading out for a trip, and when packing it is important to think about: “How am I going to document my trip?” Below I have brought up a few key issues and thoughts when traveling with your DSLR camera.   How am I going to keep my camera safe, dry, and protected? My first rule of thumb is to keep my camera with me at all times. That means when I am going through airports or traveling in a taxi, car, bus, or train. My other problem is I carry a laptop with me, so I want to be sure I have that with me also. That is why I got a Think Tank Backpack. This allows me to be able to carry everything important in one bag including my laptop and camera, plus all my accessories. I carry this on the plane with me so that it never goes out of my sight and is not at risk of being damaged.   How many memory cards should I take and how many batteries? I travel with two 32gb Class 10 cards (Class 10 means fast speed for video). Before you start shooting...

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