When you are out and about with your best buddies making memories, of course, you will want to take pictures to remember all the happy times, but what happens when the pictures aren’t turning out as you planned? Have no fear; taking that perfect picture isn’t as hard as you thought. Through experience, I have learned a lot about how to take a picture that will make time stand still, and I am going to share the tricks with you.   Tip #1 Let the perfect moment come to you. The best pictures always come from when they were not expected. Candid pictures have a way of expressing the feelings that were happening in the moment they were taken; whether they are of people, nature, animals, or a landscape, pictures always seem to turn out best when they are a spur-of-the-moment shot. Check out this article a blogger wrote on how to get a fun and creative candid photo.  For a more advance photographer, here’s info on the mechanics of the camera for a well shot candid.   Tip #2 Try new directions, locations, and angles at which the photo is being taken. You can never have too many different versions...

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