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Camping can be an immensely enjoyable activity, spending time with friends and loved ones in the natural splendor which is the great outdoors.
Stick to the 3-layer rule.  When it comes to dressing for the cold, it’s important to stay both warm and dry. The best way to do this is to wear 3 layers of clothing – a base layer, a middle layer and an outer layer.
These useful camping tips are super handy for any kind of camping or backpacking trip! If you find yourself in emergency wilderness survival mode, the elastic band of your underwear makes a perfect slingshot for shooting small game. The urgency of a late night bathroom trip is directly proportional to the outside temperature, how complicated it is to get out of your mummy sleeping bag and how many layers of clothes you have on. Sighting a bald eagle is thrilling to campers of all generations. Sighting a bald man, however, does nothing for eagles. Perform this simple test to see if you qualify for solo backpacking:  Shine a flashlight into one ear. If the beam shines out your other ear, do not go solo backpacking. If you’re camping with kids, take along the ones who know how to cook. That way, you can relax in your Lounger while your dinner is being made! On your first day at the campsite, enough dirt will be tracked into the tent that you can grow all the food you need for the rest of the trip in the rows between your sleeping bags! Based on completely made-up statistics, those who eat a hot...
A checklist is a great way to ensure that you have everything that you need for your trip. I tend to be pretty organized, but it’s always nice to have something to check up on before you leave. Here are some checklists that you can use for your next backpacking trip!
Here’s a few tips and tricks to make sure you stay warm sleeping under the stars on frigid nights.
Do you smell what I smell? No, it’s not the smell of a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shop. It’s the smell of fall! And what’s the best way to welcome fall? Having a nice fire outside, if you ask me.
Melt the candle wax using the double boiler technique. All you have to do is fill a pot with water and place jar candles in it. The wax will melt as the water in the pot heats up. Once they’re melted, take out the wicks.
As we’re rolling into June, our back seats are getting dirty from weekend camping trips and our ENOs are getting crusty from such regular usage. Although we think this lived-in-look adds character to our products, it is still important to keep them clean and fresh. After all, the better you take care of your ENO, the longer it will last for you! And it’s not just your ENO this applies to – all your camping faves get happier when you dust them off after a couple of days on the trail. Here’s an easy guide to cleaning up your camping kit post-trip. 1) Give your ENO some it-time When you get back home after an outdoors trip it’s important to let your hammock hang by itself for a while. Pop it out of its stuff sack and hang it up in your yard/outdoor space for a few hours to air it out. Although this is always worth doing, it is super import when you have been in wet or damp conditions as leaving your hammock stuffed while wet will increase the chances of it growing mold or smelling ripe. If the weather remains bad or your outdoor space is limited,...

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