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  One of the most important things when camping or backpacking is your campsite. It serves as your base camp and your home-away-from-home while you’re out in the wilderness. It sends you off on hikes and welcomes you back after a long day of exploring, climbing, kayaking, and all the other adventures you had. Build your campsite to fit your needs while being careful to make as little environmental impact as possible. The best campsites are found, not made, so take the time to scope out the area in search of the perfect site! Here are 9 areas to think about when trying to find the best campsite: Location.  Avoid meadows because they trap cold air, and because the tall grass is home to creepy-crawlers like chiggers, ticks, and ants. Keep in mind that valleys are one the most foggiest, coldest, and dampest places. A good rule of thumb is to avoid areas that have a lot of moss. Moss grows in damp areas, so if it rains, your site may flood. And remember that if you choose to camp on a peak, ridge, or overlook, bring lots and lots of water! Don’t get all the way to the top...

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