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The clock is ticking and we have one month until Valentines Day. This is your opportunity to get it together people! There is still plenty of time. You could shrug it off as the “corporate holiday card” day and not participate in sharing flowers and chocolate, OR you could get over it and do something thoughtful for the ones you love. So lucky for you Enopians, here are some outdoorsy Valentines ideas that are totally doable; and you have an entire month to get it together. And singles, I don’t want to hear it–Valentines Day is a perfectly good time to do something nice for your besties. Full Moon Group Date Alright, as a group activity, this one goes out to all the strong and single people in the house. Heads up, Valentines Day is on a full moon this year! So pick your favorite hiking trail, keep in mind to choose one with a good view of the sky. Pack up a picnic basket or backpack full of delicious snacks, maybe a bottle of wine. And of course, your ENO hammock and straps. Some Twilights would also add a lovely ambiance to your full moon group date too. So...

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