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Perhaps you’re a city person who craves the great outdoors, or maybe you were born to live in nature but have chosen a city-bound career. Either way, you’ve resigned yourself to always sacrificing one for the other. Sacrifice no more, because you really can have it all. Here are four U.S. cities that provide the best of both worlds.   Washington, D.C. After picturing the White House, most people think of D.C.’s museums, monuments and the staggering variety of world cuisines. You may not realize, however, that D.C. also boasts more acres of green space per capita than any other comparably sized U.S. city. For hikers and kayakers, the city’s Rock Creek Park has 40 miles of hiking trails and Class III and IV rapids. The C&O towpath is a cyclist’s dream, starting in the city along the Potomac River and ending 185 miles later in Cumberland, Maryland. Cycle less than 20 miles on the C&O (or drive less than five miles from downtown), and you’ll find a challenging and beautiful hike on the Billy Goat Trail, rock climbing in Mather Gorge and kayaking along the Potomac. Venture a little farther out and find yourself in the Blue Ridge Mountains...

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