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Life happens to hammocks. Mud, coffee, and trail mix can most likely be found on or in many hammocks after a full season of hanging around in them. Don’t fret too much though, it’s easy to keep your hammock clean and fresh throughout it’s lifetime. The nature of the parachute nylon is fairly dirt resistant to begin with and it’s always good to spot clean extra dirty spots along the way. But sometimes, it’s nice to revert your hammock back into a flawless, soft, breezy oasis.   Step 1: Remove Carabiners Make sure you don’t wash the biners!! Remove them and set them to the side. Be sure to keep track of them, though, so when your hammock is clean and dried you can get right back to hammocking!   Step 2: Gently Wash Add just a little dose of a gentle detergent. Wash your hammock alone, with nothing else in the machine. This will get it the cleanest! Do not add fabric softeners or any additional cleaning agents. Wash with cool water on a delicate cycle in a front loading washer.   Step 3: Line Dry It’s best to do this chore on a sunny breezy day. That way...

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