I found out about the Pinnacles National Park back in 2013 when it was officially declared the newest National Park in California (it had previously been a national monument) and I have wanted to visit ever since.
Hanging out in a hammock to my surprise brings new opportunities. I was on mine and was asked what kind of hammock I was in; they had only ever seen rope-hammocks. Needless to say, hanging up an ENO in a common area opens the opportunity for meeting new people and enjoying the moment.
For those of us in high school or college, midterms are already on their way and the pressure is on. This means it is time to buckle down and study. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but studying doesn’t have to be torture! Spice things up a little! Mix business with pleasure and try studying in your ENO hammock for a change. Making the transition from desk to hammock can be a little challenging at first. You’ll likely look clumsy, feel awkward, and possibly want to ditch this manner of studying altogether! Once you get the hang of it, (pun intended) you will find your ENO to be a great place to get work done! For those first time hammock studiers, here are some tips to make you the most studious ENOpian around, and the envy of all your peers. Sit perpendicular to the lay of the hammock. If you just lay down, it is hard to read, nearly impossible to write, and can be stressful on your neck. Also, sitting like this allows you to easily prop your book or laptop in your lap, and talk with those around you if you’re hammocking in a group. If you...
Tailgating is a great way to connect with friends and family while also celebrating your favorite teams. Check out our guide to the tailgating essentials here.
Most college students have roommates, and often your study schedule will not match up with theirs. One way to give them some peace and quiet while they are trying to sleep is to take your studying outside with your hammock. 
Throwing back to their university years, ENO re-introduces nationwide college brand ambassador team. Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), creators of nomadic outdoor and travel gear, is reliving the glory days of college by proudly announcing the re-launch of their ENO College Brand Ambassador Program. Already a commonality on campuses nationwide, ENO looks to strengthen their grassroots approach to spreading hammock love in a university setting with their new college ambassador team. Originally launched in Jan. 2012, the company went back to basics with their current version of the program. “Aside from creating the best hammocks on the market, ENO likes to have a good time, and we wanted our College Ambassador Program to reflect that,” said Amy Allison, Event Coordinator for ENO. “We’ve stripped the program down to the simplest, yet most effective, version to really put us on the university map.” The new program, that is actively searching for ambassadors for the Spring ’15 semester, will begin in 10 universities for its first year with plans to expand in future semesters. Ambassadors are expected to be the official ENO presence on their campuses, throwing hammock parties and providing social media content among other responsibilities. “We’re so excited to finally begin...
Enjoying the outdoors as a student can be difficult, especially as the workload of school bears down upon you. I always try to get outside as much as I can, and during school especially because it gets hard being inside all day.

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