What’s the best outdoor school in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic? Blue Ridge Outdoors’ Top Adventure College Tournament, asks readers to pick the winners. Colleges and universities meet in head-to-head matchups in a 32-school bracket. In each contest, the school receiving the most votes advances to the next round. Larger schools (more than 5,000 students) go head-to-head on one side of the bracket, while smaller schools square off on the other side. The two division winners face off in a David-meets-Goliath championship to determine the regions’ best outdoor school. Will your alma mater take the tournament crown? Rally students, alumni, and supporters around your favorite college or university! Click HERE to vote!    
July 22nd is National Hammock Day and we’re kind of excited!!! Hammock culture is spreading like wildfire and hammockers are amazingly creative, adventurous, and definitely chill!
Hammocks are great. They’re comfortable, relaxing, and portable! But what if I were to tell you there’s more to a hammock than just their serene qualities?
Congratulations to Lonnie McKenzie of  Perfect Wave Photography whose trippy tropical photo was picked as this month’s Photo Contest Winner! Lonnie’s lush pic was taken on the shores of a “super secret” beach in Hawaii. He wins $215 worth of ENO goodies of his choosing! Woo! Got a sweet hammock picture you want to share? Enter our photo contest for your chance to WIN too!!! REALLY want to win the photo contest? Check out our blog on tips for taking the ideal hammocking photograph.

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