Over time, many of us accumulate backpacks, camping gear, flashlights and other adventure items. In some cases, this may be your resource center you pull from when heading outdoors, but if you want to sell some of your items to make space for new gear or just some extra cash, think about selling them online. If you do choose to sell online, it is important to always use basic online safety measures to ensure that each transaction is smooth and easy.  There are three main ways to sell items online: eBay eBay is an online marketplace with just about everything you can think of for sale. It also is a space for you to sell your items.  The process is pretty simple once you understand the system and their custom service is easy to contact and willing to help you through the process. You start by creating a profile, and you can buy or sell items for a flat price or you can make them “auction” style which will allow other users to bid on your items and whoever has the highest bid wins! You can make the buyer pay for shipping or you can offer it for free, but this must be...

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