“Dirtball believes in being a steward of the environment. We use only recycled cotton and our polyester is developed from recycled plastic bottles. Unlike other apparel companies who talk about saving the environment our actions help to actually save the environment. This is how we roll!” -Dirtball Sometimes us outdoor-loving-granola types can be dismissed for not being fashionable. Which we know is just not true. (Right?!) As the tree-hugging-ethical bunch we are, we wanted to share something cool going on in our neck of the woods; a clothing company doing some pretty neat stuff. Dirtball Clothing designs are unique, eco-friendly and made for those with active lifestyles.   1. Made in the USA Made in the USA means that both the consumer and producer of goods is into supporting our US economy. Whoo!   2. Cotton + Plastic Bottles It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce plastic bottles yearly. Dirtball takes that energy and recycles it into something useful–and super fresh looking.   3. They come to Outdoor Retailer this year! Nice looking booth ya’ll!   4. You will know where the zipper comes from. Look how hyperlocal these hoodies are! All of the clothes are broken down like this too.   5. Reasonable Shipping...

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