“Yesterday we went on a 7.2 mile hike and on the way down the mountain we ran into a little problem. A random hiker’s dog was struck with heat exhaustion with 3 miles left to go and couldn’t make the rest of the hike."
It’s no secret that ENOpian’s LOVE animals. I’m sure my pup is not the only one out their who joins me in my hammock. When one has a fierce love for the outdoors, often that translates to an appreciation for animals, namely everyone’s best friend–the dog. A lot of backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts have furry companions that join them on their outdoor adventures. However we know all too well that anything can happen on backcountry expeditions. Accidents happen because they are not foreseeable, but you can be prepared. Read on to learn about the main doggy-first-aid essentials so next time you and your best friend hit the trail, you’ll have the confidence to come to their rescue.   Tick Key If you happen to find one of these creepy crawly bloodsuckers sneaking up your leg, you’ll be glad you packed this for your pooch. These keys aid in actually removing the head of the tick–which if it’s left in can cause infection. It’s cheap and lightweight so there’s no excuse not to pick one of these up–especially if you’re hiking around in the southeast in the summer.   Saline Another item that be used on animals and humans alike. Saline...
The mental and problem-solving abilities of dogs, regardless of breed, are about the same as those of two-year-old human beings, according to research by Dr. Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia. All dogs will have unique instinctive intelligence: retrievers fetch, hounds hunt, etc.
If you are planning a camping or backpacking trip, there are essentials that you will need to take with you, like your tent, headlamps, food, and of course your hammock. Another essential that should be added to the list is your dog. Why? No Boarding Expenses For many dog owners, the thought of leaving their pet while they take a vacation is disheartening. Not only do kennels tend to be expensive, you can’t know for sure the quality of care being given or how lonely it may be for the dog. If, instead of being put in a kennel, the dog is being cared for by a family member or friend, there is the added burden of a dog and all of the responsibilities that come with it put upon them. And what’s even worse is leaving the dog at the house alone. Loneliness, worry, separation, and reliance on someone else can all be avoided if you bring your dog along with you. Security When you are outdoors, you have the potential of facing countless dangers. Animals that live in the area can easily invade campsites, especially when there is food around, and you can never be sure that you...

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