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  This year is turning out to be “The Year of The Beard.” While I wish I could grow a beard like Drew Holcomb or one of the boys from Duck Dynasty, I’m not sure that I would. It’s not because I think girls like a clean shaven man (personally, my girlfriend wishes I would grow one). For me, it comes down to functionality. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t grow a beard if you’re an outdoorsman… It’s hot and scratchy during the summer:  Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the beginning of summer. This means the outdoor thermostat is getting turned up, and it’s about to become hot and muggy outside. I’m one of the few who actually enjoy the hot and humid weather, but when a beard’s on my face (and a bushy one at that) it starts to become unbearable. Some guys can put up with the itchy scratchiness but, let’s face it, during the dead of summer it’s tough for any man to have a beard. Beards aren’t great for the workplace:  The wildlife is teeming, the kids are out of school, and everyone wants to go on vacation. In order to fund that...

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