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  The editors of 50 Campfires have brainstormed to find 2013’s best sleeping gear for family campers, helping you get the best of the best when it comes to getting some shut-eye on the trail. They put together a list of the top 5, based on hands-on review, research and design. We are honored to have made the cut and been awarded an editor’s choice award:  “Gear of the Year”! With the help of manufacturers and researchers, the 50 Campfires team put together a list of the leading camping gear that is available on the market, based on innovation, enjoyment and practicality. They then broke it down into 7 categories: Sleep, Eat, Wear, Play, Personal, Fire and Gadgets, with 5 products per category. The DoubleNest was included in the “Sleep” category as a top sleeping alternative. The review specifically commended the DoubleNest’s superior comfort, as well as portability, roominess, durability and ease-of-use. Noted as an exceptional alternative to the standard tent, the DoubleNest was deemed an essential piece of camping gear that makes life easier and more enjoyable! Check out the other four product winners of the “Gear of the Year” award: LightSpeed Maine 6 Tent Coghlan’s LED Tent Pegs Ticla G.O.O.D. Kit Easton Hat-Trick 3 Person Tent...

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