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Featured in’s, “Stuff and Things: Eagles Nest Hammock” by Matthew Scott. “When you start to think about it, it’s actually quite hard to figure out what is so appealing about the simple pleasures you receive as a hammock enthusiast. Is it the gentle rocking which puts you into a comfortable sleep? Is it the idea of being completely suspended from the ground…while sitting? Prior to Eagles Nest Outfitter’s invention of the Singlenest Hammock ($55) these simple hammock-related joys of life were often restricted to suburban backyards, now the possibilities are endless—especially for overlanders. I’ve personally owned a Singlenest for almost 5 years, and while the thin and lightweight material may seem a little bit worrysome at first, I’ll say that I’ve never had an issue. If I could offer a suggestion on setting the Singlenest up—purchase their Slap Strap setup and hang it between your vehicle and a sturdy connection point like a big tree or rock. If I was to start an extreme overlanding hammock club, would you be in?”

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