Hometown Hideaways is a series of blogs featuring top places to hammock around the U.S. This time we're in Florida! Each guide is curated by outdoor enthusiasts who live, work, and play in the region, sharing their insights and experiences on where to hang your hammock and enjoy the great outdoors.
The Canary Islands are nothing if not a varied holiday destination, at once offering the horizontal tranquility of golden beaches and the rugged beauty of Lanzarote’s stark, volcanic landscapes. Therefore it’s no surprise that an excursion in this diverse corner of the world requires an eclectic range of kit.  Luckily for you, in this post, our friends from the island of Lanzarote, Optima Villas, will be providing some practical tips on what to take when embarking on an excursion to the Canary Islands – leaving you fully prepared for all these incredible islands have in store.   Invest in hardy footwear First things first, let’s talk footwear. While flip-flops may be your go-to choice for relaxing poolside at your luxury Lanzarote villa or heading to the beach, you’ll need something a little more robust on your feet if you want to experience the Canaries’ true beauty off the beaten track. From craggy cliff faces and rugged lunar landscapes to sandy deserts and lush forests, one thing your walking shoes will need to be prepared for is a varied terrain. Flimsy plimsolls and sports trainers won’t cut the mustard if you’re planning to explore on foot, so be sure to pack...
Traveling is the best way to break free from the norm. Traveling allows you to flee outside your comfort zone and adventure. However, sometimes we seem to get caught up in the stress of having a perfect getaway and it can distract us from the real joy of exploring. To avoid getting caught up in unrealistic expectations, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your travels lively and fun. Wherever you are, whether it be the mountains, big cities, the tropics, or even a local destination, you must always be searching. Everything around you is alive and becoming. Seek joy in simplicity. Avoid overlooking little things such as waking up early to explore while the sun rises and conversing with strangers on the street. Picking wild flowers throughout your adventure is something I picked up from my sister. It’s a great way to collect memories. When you’re traveling you usually have a strict schedule to fit all your adventures in. However, it’s okay to alter your course. Be eccentric and passionate. Becoming lost in your travels gives you time to cope with yourself. It’s always good to spend time alone with your thoughts. In regards to the...
“How, how can you afford to travel so often?” This is, hands down, the number one most asked question I have heard this summer. By my family, friends, strangers on a plane. Before anyone asks about the details of the trip I am on, they ask this question—laced with genuine curiosity and a hint of frustration. What is often misunderstood is the kind of life I live building up to these annual excursions. I am not rich, I have not happened across a generous inheritance, and I have yet to win the lottery (next year). More accurately, I am a full time college student, only work a part time (if that) job, and usually live month-to-month. Even though I’m only 21 my parents have never funded my traveling( though they would bail me out if I ever had any issues) so when the travel bug bit me at a young age, I had to learn the tricks of the trade. So, before I delve into the meaty details know this: if I can travel on a poor college kid budget, so can you. “Live like a college student now, and you won’t have to live like a college students later”...
So…you live in a big city and think there’s nowhere to hammock?  Think again! Sometimes the best place to hammock is the place where no one else thinks is possible.
Looking for a fun way to get off the internet and get outdoors? Interested in joining a worldwide treasure hunt that even includes treasure in your own hometown? Geocaching is a global, outdoor, treasure hunt that allows players to find treasure, or “caches,” using GPS-enabled devices (including smart phones).
The upbeat movie Yes Man, highlights Jim Carrey’s hectic life under a spell.  It forces him to say “yes” to every opportunity presented.  The movie is both hilarious and thought provoking.  Although extreme, the idea behind it has me thinking about my own life.

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