Yesterday marked the first official day of Fall! And with the last of summer’s warmth mingling with the approaching cold, these next few weeks will give us some of the best weather all year. Here in Asheville, the sun is bright and the air is cool – fantastic conditions for a stroll! September 23rd is Autumn Stroll Day. It annually falls on or near the first day of Autumn (known as the Autumnal Equinox), so it’s a great way to welcome the new season! All you have to do to celebrate this lesser-known holiday is to go outside and wander. Stroll around the neighborhood, meander through the park or hike through the woods. Take some time to check out the changing leaves and first of the fall foliage, set up your hammock, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the world in this perfect, end-of-September weather. Here’s a fall-themed playlist to accompany you as you stroll through the beginnings of fall…   by Anna Fletcher

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