Featured in YourEDM‘s “Don’t Attend Another Music Festival Without an ENO Hammock” Hammocks have become a staple music festival enjoyment accessory. If you’ve ever walked through the Electric Forest you know that festival experience is greatly enhanced if you and your friends can quickly hang a hammock and veg out in the beautiful Sherwood Forest. Having a compact, lightweight hammock at your disposal can even get you unobstructed views of the stage while others struggle to see over the crowd.As more weekend-long camping festivals pop up all over the country, the more educated and prepared we must make ourselves to maximize our good times this upcoming festival season. Is a hammock exactly what you need to add to your rave repertoire to augment the best weekends of your life? Are they compatible with the Leave No Trace attitude of picking up after yourself at festivals and leaving minimal footprints on our earth? We took an in-depth look at ENO Hammocks‘ One-Link DoubleNest Sleep System Hammock through our festival-veteran eyes so we could tell you if they live up to the hype and their price tag.   by: Sydney Sevdalis
Earlier this year, the new LaunchPads returned with brighter colors and in two different sizes. Great for the beach and family outings; the LaunchPad is especially well suited for attending the music festival. Every ENOpian I know is resourceful when it comes to hanging a hammock up when naysayers say “there are no trees”. However, sometimes, there are no trees. And every now and again it’s nice to plop down on the ground–wherever you are and start relaxing. Stage poles, trees, jeeps–this is a short list of things you can hang your hammock from at a music festival, really the possibilities are endless. However, if you want to catch the music on the big stage and just chill in the center of the field with your crew for a while, a LaunchPad may be the way to go. It serves as a great placeholder in a crowd and it zips up in a flash, just in time for you to stage bounce. Two Sizes You can choose between the LaunchPad single or double. Similar philosophy to the single and double hammocks, the double is the same in length and about twice the width of a single. Whatever your preferences are...

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