When backpacking, it may not be essential to create a fire each day if you are equipped with a Jetboil or quick stove, but quite often you might want to for either for warmth or to mix up your cooking. There are many options for starting a fire that range from very primitive to high tech, but with any method you’ll need something to initiate the initial spark or flame. Each time I go camping I always give myself a few choices for my flame/spark creation. For my first option, I currently have a Gerber edition fire starter, but there are many kinds on the market to accomplish a quick spark. These are reliable and lightweight but can prove to be a real challenge if the materials you are trying to light are damp with moisture. Don’t be fooled, starting a fire with one or two strikes is harder than they make it look in the movies. Also, don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t work and you have to fall back on another option. Keep practicing! I also carry with me a trusty BIC mini lighter for an instant flame. If those two options are not working, I travel with one...
Do you smell what I smell? No, it’s not the smell of a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shop. It’s the smell of fall! And what’s the best way to welcome fall? Having a nice fire outside, if you ask me.

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